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KLOM tool EPG 13pc replacement Needle set – KPG13

Klom epg replacement needle set

Klom epg replacement needle set

If you follow the goings on of our amazing forum then you’ll know the buzz (excuse the pun) surrounding the KLOM EPG (Electric Pick Gun). Well now you have the chance to replace any damaged/lost needles. Due to the nature of EPG’s (all of them) this will occasionally happen. Since the KLOM needles are thinner than conventional EPG’s and standard pick guns they are perhaps at more risk of snapping. However, due to their thinness they will fit a lot more profiles than ordinary needles and therefore are useable on a lot more locks. A sacrifice worth making, especially when replacements are so well priced.
This set comprises 13 needles (as illustrated below) supplied in a small bag (identical to the needle bag you get with the gun).

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